Database System Programmed in C

Software Engineering

Cisco ISE

Created a basic Program to accomplish the following requirements

  • Create and array of structures with information Id, name , salary , age.
  • All functions must be prototyped
  • Pointers must be used.
  • Create a function to print the contents of the structures to the screen
  • Create a function to search for a specific ID and display the contents of the structure to the screen if found and display not found if it is not in the array.
  • Create a function to total salaries and display the total on the screen.
  • Create a function to allow the user to change (update) structure information except for the ID which should not be changed.   The user should not have to reenter the entire structure data, but should be able to select the field within the structure to update and ONLY change the data in that field.  The rest of the fields should remain with the data that was in them when the update happened.
  • When update is selected the user should be presented with another "menu" for the user to select what field is to be updated (name, age, salary).  Then the user should be asked to input the value of the field that is to be changed.
  • Your interface must have a menu to allow the user to Exit , Print, Search, Total salaries and Update information.
  • Random Access files used to store the data.
  • When the program starts it loads the file into the array.
  • Before the person exits, the file should be updated.
  • You can have a file per entry or you can have one file for all.

Additional features

  1. The user can add employees to the array.  You must verify that the ID of the employee to be added is unique (not the same as one already used for an existing employee).  If the id already exits you must notify user that an employee with that ID already exists and not add an employee with a duplicate ID.
  2. The user can delete employees from the array.

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