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From Clinical Research to Coding: A Strategic Transition into Information Technology

Michael Charara

My journey into the field of Information Technology commenced at Massachusetts General Hospital, where my work in the Nephrology Research division, specifically Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD), introduced me to the powerful capabilities of R Programming. Harnessing this tool, I crafted detailed graphs that compiling deep insights from complex datasets, sparking my profound interest in computer science and programming.

Amid the onset of COVID-19, I seized the opportunity to redirect my career path, transitioning from a robust foundation in medicine—holding a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Psychology from the University of Michigan—into the technology sector. This shift was marked by my pursuit of a Master's in Information Management Systems Engineering at Harvard University Extension School, although I was not yet ready to apply. To prepare myself, I embarked on a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a focus in Software Engineering at Baker College. Concurrently, I advanced my expertise by pursuing an MBA at Notre Dame College, independently studying Python due to its pivotal role in programming, and preparing for my Cisco Certified Network Associate certification.

By the conclusion of COVID-19, I had completed half of my MBA, a third of my second Bachelor’s degree, and was on the brink of achieving my CCNA certification. This period of intensive study and certification culminated in my securing an initial IT position as a Network Administrator, where I employed Python for automation tasks, particularly in networking through the use of Ansible. My burgeoning skills and certifications, including those in cloud for Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS),  facilitated my admittance into the Harvard Masters in Information Management Systems Engineering programming and a transition to a role at CDW as a Cloud Marketplace Program Manager.

At CDW, I not only completed my MBA and advanced significantly in my Computer Science degree but also earned additional AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) certifications while progressed through my coursework at Harvard. To build a seamless integration of knowledge, I strategically aligned my undergraduate coursework with my Master's studies, which has enabled me to develop a comprehensive understanding of each subject area. I have now completed my initial academic pursuits—with a Bachelor's in Computer Science focused in Software Engineering, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Master's in Information Management Systems Engineering, including minors in Cybersecurity and Data Analytics—and obtained solutions architect level competency across all major cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

This multifaceted educational and professional journey exemplifies how I transformed the challenge posed by COVID-19 into a springboard for personal and professional growth. Coming from a background devoid of computer science, I have demonstrably met and exceeded numerous milestones. I am eager to bring this same discipline, grit, adaptability, and strategic foresight to future opportunities, contributing to innovative solutions and driving technological advancements.

Work Experience

Real World Productive

Public Cloud Marketplace Program Manager
Start Date: February 2022
United Wholesale Mortgage
Network Administrator
Start Date: June 2021
End Date: February 2022
East Lake Foods
Human Resource Manager
Start Date: September 2014
End Date: August 2020
Massachusetts General Hospital
Nephrology Research Assistant
Start Date: September 2016
End Date: May 2018


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals [AZ-900]

Issued Sep 20, 2021

Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate [AZ-104]

Issued Dec 16, 2021
Expires Dec 16, 2024

Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate

Scheduled 2024

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Certified Digital Leader

Issued Jul 21, 2022
Expires Jul 21, 2025

Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer

Issued Dec 07, 2022
Expires Dec 07, 2025

Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect

Scheduled 2024

Amazon Web Services

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Issued Dec 25, 2021
Expires May 21, 2025

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Issued May 21, 2022
Expires May 21, 2025


Cisco Certified Network Associate

Issued Aug 28, 2021
Expires Aug 28 2024

Cisco DevNet Associate

Scheduled 2024

Developer Operations

30 days of Postman - for developers

Issued Feb 3, 2022

Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate

Scheduled 2024

The Linux Foundation

LFS250: Kubernetes and Cloud Native Essentials

Issued Dec 28, 2021

LFS169: Introduction to GitOps

Issued Jan 6, 2022

LFD103: Guide to Linux Kernal Development

Issued Feb 05, 2022
Expires Feb 06, 2023

LFC193: Open Source Licensing Compliance Management

Issued Feb 05, 2022
Expires Feb 06, 2023


Unity Essentials Pathway

Issued Jan 12, 2021

Unity Junior Programmer

Issued Jan 19, 2021


Responsive Web Design

Issued Oct 10, 2022

Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures

Issued Oct 15, 2022

Front End Development Libraries

Issued Oct 27, 2022

Accredited Degrees

Hard work over the years

Includes acquired and those in progress

Bachelor of Biology
Minor in Psychology
Masters in Business Administration
Masters in Systems Engineering
Cybersecurity Data Analytics
Bachelor of Computer Science
Software Engineering
Cloud Certifcations
AWS, Azure, GCP
Developer Operations Certifications
Kubernetes, Ansible, Linux

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